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Remain in your home. Ask for help! Improve your access to health care. Navigate the health care system. Call your professional Registered Nurse.You can remain in the comfort of your own home


Rest, recharge, revitalize for both the client and the caregiver


A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion! Combine Nursing and Rehabilitation and you get a knowledgeable Medical Exercise Professional to provide you with Exercise and Education - improve and recover post op and post injury quickly and safely with rehab fitness training


Air Quality Health Index: Learn about indoor and outdoor air quality and how it affects your health. Learn from a Health Canada trainer.

Navigate the Health Care System and receive home care by friendly self employed Calgary registered nurse

Medical Exercise Training

Recover and regain your independence, exercise in your own home to be functional fit under the guidance of a medical exercise professional....

Senior Palliative Home Care being rehabilitated post-operatively

Palliative Care

Quality elder and senior care, maintain dignity and remain independent with the care of a skilled nurse advocate....

Calgary Senior Palliative Care after hip replacement

Post Operative Care

Be discharged from the hospital quickly and receive in home nursing care, dressing changes, injections, catheter care, diabetic services, dialysis and medication administration....

  • My cardiac problems went undiagnosed for over 4 years even while under the supervision of a primary caregiver. I ended up in CCU and there I was misdiagnosed and grossly over medicated and mostly improperly medicated. I was in a very steep downhill spiral when a friend of mine recommended I meet with Deb. In one hour Deb analyzed my situation more accurately than the previous 6 Doctors including Cardiologists. I left that initial consult with a plan that saved my life and immediately improved my outlook and quality of life. Shortly thereafter I got a correct diagnosis of my actual cardiac problem by a new Cardiologist. My new primary doctor and I worked on reducing and eliminating unnecessary and excessive amounts of medications. Deb was fundamental in that process with recommendations, monitoring, and expectations. I have cut the number of medications by half, and the average dosage by 80%. Deb has been and will remain an important part of my wellbeing.

    Blood pressure and Heart Rate monitoring by Calgary Nurse Deb Sterling-bauer width=
    Mr. Frank

    Private Patient

  • Since I was 12, I have been worried that I would end up with the same health problems as my father who had his first heart attack at an early age. My family history has haunted me all throughout my adult life. Now that I have my own kids, I hoped that I was making the right choices to lead a healthy life and to pass on good habits to my kids. I had expressed this to my family doctor on numerous occasions, but she had not fully realized how deep this fear ran. Deb fully realized my issue and organized that I take tests that I shared with my doctor. The results of the tests were very enlightening for all of us. Deb helped me tweak my lifestyle routines and eating habits and she has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders that has been there for decades. Thank you Deb!

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    Christine M.

    Private Client


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