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Respite is defined as “planned or emergency temporary care of a dependent person”. Does your family unit contain… an elderly frail senior, a parent with dementia, a handicapped child or adult, a member who is chronically ill or need palliative care?? Respite or “Reprieve” is a coping strategy. It allows for relief for the usual caregiver. It allows for a rest from the usual responsibilities. Studies show that the respite approach needs to be centered Read more…

RN Nurse Deb Sterling-Bauer

International Nurses Association News Release on Deb Sterling-Bauer

The International Nurses Association is pleased to welcome Deb Sterling-Bauer, RN, Cardiovascular Nurse, to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Deb Sterling-Bauer is currently serving as Program Nurse Educator for the Heartfit Clinic and is proprietor of DSB Nursing Services in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With over 25 years of experience and extensive expertise in all facets of nursing, she specializes in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation. Deb Sterling-Bauer’s career Read more…

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