Respite is defined as “planned or emergency temporary care of a dependent person”.

Does your family unit contain… an elderly frail senior, a parent with dementia, a handicapped child or adult, a member who is chronically ill or need palliative care??

Respite or “Reprieve” is a coping strategy. It allows for relief for the usual caregiver. It allows for a rest from the usual responsibilities.

Studies show that the respite approach needs to be centered around both the caregiver and the dependent. This improves the positive experience and reassures the whole family.

Respite improves family coping, caregiver well being, household satisfaction, support, and situation, and client’s quality of life. Receive care for the caregiver and reassure the family unit. Remove the strain, stress, burnout, crisis, challenges, and burden of care. Start the conversation with your family today.

Call to schedule your summer break or getaway. Rest, recharge, revitalize… travel with reassurance!

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