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“My cardiac problems went undiagnosed for over 4 years even while under the supervision of a primary caregiver. I ended up in CCU and there I was misdiagnosed and grossly over medicated and mostly improperly medicated. I was in a very steep downhill spiral when a friend of mine recommended I meet with Deb. In one hour, Deb analyzed my situation more accurately than the previous 6 Doctors including Cardiologists. I left that initial consult with a plan that saved my life and immediately improved my outlook and quality of life. Shortly thereafter I got a correct diagnosis of my actual cardiac problem by a new Cardiologist. My new primary doctor and I worked on reducing and eliminating unnecessary and excessive amounts of medications. Deb was fundamental in that process with recommendations, monitoring, and expectations. I have cut the number of medications by half, and the average dosage by 80%. Deb has been and will remain part of my wellbeing.”

“Having cardiovascular disease in my family history, I have been anxious about my chances at the same fate. Nurse Deb advocated for me and helped get the answers that I needed and helped with follow up to ensure that I was sticking to my best nutrition and exercise plan. It has made an enormous difference to have her as part or my overall health plan. Her level of care means that she reached out again with other recommendations as time passed. My issues remained at the top of her mind. As a bonus, she delivers her encouragement and recommendations with humour, which I always appreciate!”

Nurse Deb with Client
Nurse Deb with Client

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